Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentist in Durham, NC

At Park Place Dental, we offer a variety of cosmetic dental solutions for our patients. Cosmetic dentistry may also improve the overall function of your mouth and teeth. Prior to any treatment, we will inform you of available treatment options that are beneficial to your oral health. We will work individually with you to help you understand why each treatment is needed. Our priority is to restore your oral health in a comfortable setting and ensuring a beautiful and healthy smile.

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Dental Implants
Dr. Mary Gaddis offers dental implants as a long-term solution for tooth loss. They can be used to secure partial or complete dentures as well as help support dental bridges.

Dental implants resemble natural teeth and can completely restore your smile and substantially improve your oral health. An artificial tooth is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth in place. Since these implants are held by the jaw bone, they have the same, dependable foundation as natural tooth roots. With permanently placed implants, you will no longer have to experience discomfort in chewing or speaking.

Our Durham dentist will discuss all dental solutions with you to help you make the most informed decisions about your dental health. We are committed to making sure your smile looks and feels its best.

If you have an infected or damaged tooth, a dental crown can protect your tooth from further damage. Dental crowns are extremely durable with a natural look. Not only do they enhance the appearance of your teeth, they also strengthen them and make them less susceptible to future dental problems.

The process of installing a crown usually takes 2 visits to our office. Once the treatment is complete, you will be able to enjoy your new smile.

Dr. Mary Gaddis can make your smile look and feel amazing by the use of veneers. Veneers are custom-made, thin pieces of porcelain that fit over your natural teeth. It is a cosmetic solution for those who are interested in restoring the color and appearance of his or her teeth. Veneers is a great option if your teeth are:

• Discolored or stained
• Chipped and cracked
• Worn-down
• Unevenly sized

In order to be a candidate for veneers, the foundation of your natural teeth must be strong and healthy. Veneers will give you amazing results in as little as two appointments.

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